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Increase your law firm profits

“My nervous system used to be a nervous wreck before I hired Nermin as my CFO and her bookkeepers.” – 7 figure law firm owner

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3 Things we can do to help you grow your law firm – no matter what area of law you practice.

1. Financial Health Dashboard

Numbers make a lot more sense when you can see them like this, month after month, quarter after quarter.

It’s not you, it’s that you’ve never seen anything like this for your law firm, until now.

2. Take Actions on Your Data

We’ll look at your numbers every month and tell you where you can cut cots, and where you’re missing opportunities.

Maybe it’s switching to a different payment processor to get you paid faster. Maybe it’s turning off Google Ads if they’re not bringing in clients.

Male hand holding a note written "costs". With the other hand, the man cuts this note with scissors.

3. Stop Being in the Dark

We’re a no-judgment zone. Ask us all the questions, even the ones that seem “stupid” and especially the ones you “should know.”

Our job is help you understand what your profit margins are, your profitability ratio, and your monthly recurring revenue. All the financial terms that used to scare you, that won’t scare you anymore.

Founded by a Lawyer for Lawyers

I’m Nermin, and I started The Law Firm Bookkeeper as a bookkeeping solution for frustrated law firm owners.

I kept seeing law firm owners struggle to understand what the health of their law firm was, and unable to make smart growth decisions. Like: who they could afford to hire, or if they could invest $50k or $100k in marketing, or maybe buying an office building.

The Law Firm Bookkeeper was created to solve that problem.

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