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About Us


A letter from our Founder, Nermin Jasani, Esq.

You are a lawyer and a law firm owner. In the day-to-day of running your law practice, you know all the ins and outs, and all the nooks and crannies of your business.

You know your clients: when they were married, how many kids they have, or what type of visa they are petitioning for, or how they came up with the name they want to trademark or why they want to sell their business, and how they came up with the idea for their business in the first place.

You know your team. You know which of them start to feel overwhelmed when deadlines come up, you know who is going through family issues, you know who wants to go to law school, and you know which ones are here to stay, versus here for the paycheck.

You know your office. You know when to order toner, you know which printer is the “best” printer, you know that the kitchen sink pipes freeze up in December, every year.

Yet, you don’t know your law firm numbers. You don’t know how many cases you need each month to be profitable. You don’t know how many hours to bill to each month cover your expenses. You don’t know your 5 biggest expenses each month. And what’s scary is: you don’t know where to look for this information.

You intend to sit down, to really dive into your numbers, but then client matters, court dates, or family life sweeps in, and the moment is lost. Your law firm finances become a nagging whisper and are another thing you add to your To Do list.

You know that the State Bar requires you to keep financial records, have good bookkeeping, and keep your Trust account separate from your operating account. You do that. You hire a bookkeeper who tracks what’s in your IOLTA account and what’s in your operating account, and sends you an email each month with your P&L statement, your balance sheet, and maybe does your payroll.

You know that when you’ve asked your bookkeeper “what does this mean” or you’ve asked your accountant “can you tell me more about this” you either hear crickets, or you feel the judgment of “you should know this.” So you don’t ask. 

You hire a new attorney without asking “can I afford this?” because you’re scared of the judgment you’ll hear.

You don’t increase your rates because you don’t know who to ask “what should I charge?”

You wonder if you should buy an office space instead of continuing to rent, but have no idea who can answer this question for you.

Your clients come to you for answers.

Your team comes to you for answers.

Your family comes to you for answers.

But who can you turn to for answers about your business? And will they answer without judging you or shaming you?

I founded The Law Firm Bookkeeper to answer these questions for good, smart, hard-working law firm oweners like you. My mission is simple: to bridge the gap between you and understanding your law firm finances so you can grow your law firm by making data-backed decisions.

What does this look like in practice?

1. Understanding, Not Just Reports: We translate your financial data into facts that speak to you, not at you. Our reports are the beginning, not the end, of the conversation.

2. A Judgment-Free Zone: Your questions are valid, be they grand or granular. We foster an environment where no question is too simple, where learning is mutual, and understanding is the goal.

3. Integrated Financial Review: We remind you, prompt you, and, sit with you to review your financials. Think of us as the gentle nudge towards the habits that keep your firm’s fiscal health in check.

4. A Trusted Adviser’s Ear: When the time comes to make those big decisions, you’ll have an informed voice ready to offer the tailored advice your firm deserves.

This is my pledge to you. At The Law Firm Bookkeeper, your numbers will no longer speak in riddles. Together, we will turn them into a clear, concise map that charts the course to your law firm’s wild success.

If you’re ready for this, take a moment to schedule your consult with me, Nermin.

No matter what – thank you for your time and reading this.

Nermin Jasani, Esq.

Nermin Jasani, Esq.

CEO, The Law Firm Bookkeeper